Reducing commission and increasing your reputation starts here

I know what you’re looking for and you’re only a step away from finding it

They’re all advantages: increase your earnings and reduce commission
  • More clients

    Here you have a new channel to attract more clients. Make yourself known to people throughout the travel community who are always looking for good hostals to stay in

  • An improved reputation

    Being certified gives you an advantage over others. This is the first step in increasing your reputation as a hostal in your area. Not everyone will be able to say the same

  • More direct reservations, less comissions

    If you have a booking engine, we’ll do the rest. We don’t charge any type of commission and we send clients to your reservation page or wherever you prefer

``To change is difficult. To NOT change is fatal``

Don’t be overwhelmed

We’ve outlawed earning commissions

We don’t want to have anything to do with traffic commission or reservation commission. Your business is yours and only yours. That’s why we believe so strongly that all the profit should be yours. With just a yearly fee, you’ll be surprised how it strengthens your business and increases your direct reservations. Nobody has ever offered you something so openly and honestly.

Don't you have a web?

No problem, we can design it for you

The certification is very simple

It involves filling out a 40 point review form
  • Rooms

    We go through your rooms: the beds and pillows, furniture, bed sheets, lighting and temperature. Getting sleep is the most important thing for travelers.

  • Bathrooms and showers

    We’ll make sure that people who rely on Hostelmaniacs find a clean, cared for area to carry out their personal hygene in the hostal they choose.

  • Communal areas

    Cleanliness, comfort and space are important to us. We like common areas where you can read, work or socialize. We look for little details that encourage entertainment and happy shared living.

Don’t let other hostels get the upper hand

  • We certify the quality of your hostal

  • We recommend it to our clients

  • We don’t charge commissions

  • We increase your direct reservation potencial

  • All this for a small yearly fee

Thousands of travelers are looking for certified hostals. Do you want them to find you?


Right now, you’re paying thousands of euros per year in commission to online travel agencies. In fact, you’re reading this because you’d like to pay less.

With all the commission you’re paying now, would you really miss the opportunity to get more direct reservations for just 120eu per year?

That’s all you’ll pay to appear on Hostelmaniacs and receive more direct reservations, as long as your certification is favorable.